Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

I’m really excited to make this blog post!  This post comes as result of months of planning, execution, and waiting. Every since I learned about how it was possible to sell your own private labeled product on the Amazon Marketplace, I’ve been obsessed with coming up with my own product and putting my business training […]

June has come and gone and we are in the middle of July!  It’s time for the June Business Report.  So much has happened over the course of the past few weeks that I was beginning to almost forget some of the many intricate details which made June such a success.  In any case, I’ll […]

So your affiliate manager hits you up about a campaign that is turning smoking hot right now in a set of countries you typically don’t promote.   You figure, hey, this could be my chance to pull in some conversions from an obscure little geo before many other affiliates jump on the band wagon.  You spend […]

Ever get that overwhelmed feeling?  You know, that feeling where things are either falling down around you (maybe not literally) and you are fighting to keep up with things.  Keeping up with Work, Family, Extended Family, Business Goals, and Friends can all take their toll out on you.  If you’ve not figured it out, May […]

Time for another monthly wrap-up. It seems like time is flying by so fast.  April has come and gone and we are already well into the 2nd week in May.  Summer will be here in just a few weeks, and I’m itching to take some vacation time from my full time job.  But lets take […]

As May moves along, I’m happy to report that the 2nd product idea that both me and my wife are working on is moving along right on schedule.  We are concurrently in the business logo design and the product sourcing phase.  The purpose of this blog post is to relay to my readers some interesting […]

So as you know I’ve been talking about starting my own physical product import business that involves sourcing products both domestically and abroad and selling those products via my own Amazon product listing. Well I’m one step closer to getting this business up and off to the races.  Over the past month, I’ve been doing […]

The month March has come and gone.  So you know its time to release my monthly highlights and month end review.  The month of March was definitely a breakout month for me on quite a few fronts.  As I’ve posted before, I’ve been working on both increasing my revenue through various mobile ventures while also […]

A couple of posts ago I was talking about how I was trying to identify sites where I could contact the webmaster directly to purchase advertising.  My process consisted of pulling a Google Placement and Imobitrax report of all the sites I receive any amount of clicks on and looking up traffic stats on each […]

So I’m finally taking the plunge.  I’m starting a new business. “New Business?”, you are asking.  Yeah, so for the longest, I’ve been wanting to get to a point in my business where I have more control over my bottom line.  As you’ve probably read in my many prior posts, the affiliate marketing / CPA […]

Okay lets just start off by saying the February is the shortest month in the year. It’s very difficult to increase your bottom line over a previous time period when your current time period is 3 days shorter 🙂  It’s never a good thing when someone starts of a blog post with excuses right?  In […]

So last post I mentioned that I was purchasing traffic on the Google Content Network. Basically allowing Google to place my ads where ever they felt would best fit the content on of my ad copy. During this process, I was tracking the various sites on which I was being placed in hopes of contacting […]

Last month (February), I decided to run a little experiment that actually turned into this case study I’m presenting right now.  As many of you may be familiar, my favorite sources of revenue online come from running cost per action (CPA) offers.   Up until recently most of my offers were either mobile or lead generation […]

You should probably know me by now, I tend to put up my earnings statements a little more tardy than most.  I’ll work on more prompt postings in 2013.  In any case, my last posting was more of a review of 2012, however in this post I would like to focus more on what I’m […]

2012 is over and it was a great year!   I started 2012 with a focus on mobile advertising and mobile apps.  My goal for the year was to capitalize on the growing mobile trend and solidify a strong foothold in this space.  I officially made the plunge into mobile advertising February 1, 2012.   One thing […]

Question for you?  How much is your time really worth?  Let’s get more specific, how much is an hour of your time worth.  If you are like me, then you are probably trying to deduce this by taking your monthly salary and dividing it by 160+ hours or something.  If you do the math you’ll […]

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