Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Phase Two Has Begun – Developing My Own Product


Building an Amazon Business

So I’m finally taking the plunge.  I’m starting a new business. “New Business?”, you are asking.  Yeah, so for the longest, I’ve been wanting to get to a point in my business where
I have more control over my bottom line.  As you’ve probably read in my many prior posts, the affiliate marketing / CPA marketing business is a great source of income, however, the problem arises when you are trying to plan things long term.  Although some people may disagree with me on this, I don’t feel being an affiliate for someone else’s product is a plausible long term business.  The reason I say this is because you just don’t have the control I feel you would need to be on solid ground in your “business”.   I’ve had CPA offers, time and time again, be paused or pulled right from under me with little to no warning. I’m grown tired of having to rebuild campaigns month after month only to have the cycle repeat itself once again at some point later in the future.

So what I’ve decided to do is start a parallel business (not giving up on CPA marketing whatsoever) that centers around me creating and promoting my OWN physical product.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, however, just didn’t either have 1.) the know how or 2.) the funding to under take such a venture.  Recently I joined a Mastermind group / course that teaches it students how to source and private label their own products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers and sell those products on Amazon and/or your own distribution channel.  I must say, this course has really opened up my eyes to a business that I’ve always known was there, but never knew how to tap into.  The course, called Amazing Selling Machine, is an 8 week, 8 module, intensive workshop that walks your through the following:

Amazing Selling Machine Course Syllabus

Module 1:

To sell physical products on Amazon and start building your lucrative business, you first need to create the right account with Amazon. In this module, you get specific instructions for setting up your Amazon Seller Central account. We’re here to make sure that 100% of everyone in this elite private membership successfully complete this step BEFORE moving onto Module 2, no matter where you are in the world.

We also do an analysis of how to choose a market to pick a product from on Amazon so you’ll be ready for Module 2 in which you’ll pick your product to sell.

Module 2:

Module 2 starts picking up the pace and teaches you in thorough detail what this business model is all about. You learn how to pick out KILLER Amazon product opportunities and start picking out the high volume, low competition product you’ll sell on Amazon.

Module 3:

Module 3, you learn how to find suppliers for ANY product you want to create your own brand of. Then, you learn the key principles of label & packaging design that will set your product apart from your competition. Lastly, you do a quick setup of your Amazon product listing (you’ll fully optimize it in Module 4) and you place your first small inventory order.

Module 4:

This module teaches you strategies and secrets to setting up your Amazon product detail page for maximum conversions to get you the highest rankings for keywords and categories on Amazon. You learn how to optimize your title, images, description, and other fields to CRUSH any other product on Amazon.

Module 5:

Module 5 is what makes ALL the difference in the world between someone who dabbles on Amazon with minimal success and someone who achieves the level of insane profitability we have taught people to EXPECT with this business model.

This is THE most important and most valuable module in the ENTIRE 8-week training class. Get ready to be absolutely BLOWN AWAY!

Here’s what you learn in Module 5:

– The 7-Step Listing Launch Formula (How to Launch an Amazon Product for Immediate Profits)
– The Social Proof Boost
– The Listing Boost Method (How to Get Multiple Sources of FREE Traffic Sending Buyers to Your New Product – Works in Only Days)

By the time Module 5 is complete, you will have an Amazon product making money each and every day. That’s our promise to you.

Module 6:

Module 6 takes the powerful foundation you laid in Module 5 and multiplies your product sales with buyer traffic sources no other Amazon sellers are tapping into.

You learn how to use our own proprietary traffic tools, Amazon’s own internal advertising system, other products on Amazon, and specific social media strategies to send buyers flooding into your Amazon product, further sky-rocketing your product up the charts on Amazon.

Module 7:

Now that you have consistent sales coming into your Seller Central account for your product, it’s time to stabilize your results so that you make more and more profit from your sales. You learn how to manage your inventory for maximum profit, use Review Magnets to automatically build reviews FASTER than your competitors, and how to manage your inventory for maximum profit.

Lastly, in Module 7, you learn when to add MORE products to sell to double, triple, or more your already successful Amazon business.

Module 8:

The final module of this live program is all about making this a sustainable, highly profitable, and long-term business for you. Too often we get caught up in a short-term business opportunity only to find it fall apart a couple months later. That’s NOT what we’re here for.

We’re going to coach you through making this business a source of income and wealth for years, only financially limited by your own desires.

As you can see, the course is very fast paced, but packed full of info that I’m actively taking action on.  Now I said before that I’m NOT giving up on CPA marketing.  My plan is to continue to do CPA marketing and use the revenues from it to fund my product development and Amazon business.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating my blog with both CPA material and product creation status.  I’m really excited to bring this info out to the masses and allow you guys to take this journey with me.  I know its not gonna be easy, but anything worth having is worth going through the struggle.  One thing to note about this new business is that my wife is fully 100% on board with it.  She’s actually helping me narrow down the 1st set of products that I will be selling online.  I’m soo grateful to have a partner like her to both motivates me and is in my corner.

Till next update

– Ollie James Hales

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