Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

October Mobile Business Report


Greetings readers.  It’s time for me to level set and publish my October Business Report.  October was an interesting month on a couple of fronts.  1st it was a month where I saw a lot of my mobile revenue as a portion of my overall revenue fall dramatically.  As you all know I’ve been on a mobile kick all year, however, with the advent of more entrants into the mobile advertising scene and the fact that traffic costs are beginning to climb, I’m finding myself having to look harder and harder for new traffic sources and offer combinations to keep both my revenues and profits up.

This has caused me to start looking for more offers on the “web” side of things.  Web, meaning the traditional internet.  I found a couple of offers there that had relatively low competition, but a lot of earnings potential.  So i spent most of the month optimizing my keywords around those offers while still working on my mobile offers.  Although I feel that mobile has a huge earnings potential, until I figure everything out, I’ll need to augment my income with revenue streams I’m more familiar with.

Secondly,  It was a month where I continued to work on my long term revenue and business goals.  I know that I do not want to focus on CPA marketing revenue long term.   Don’t get me wrong, its a great revenue source, however, with the ebbs and flows of the campaigns going up and down….you can’t depend on a set of offers to keep the lights on all the time.  Currently I have 1 app and 1 website up and running that are gathering leads for a lead gen arbitrage business model in a couple of evergreen markets.  I’m still not ready to reveal what those sites and markets are (for obvious reasons), but I plan on revealing various aspects about their deployment and revenue streams in the future.

October Revenue

This being said lets get into the business report for October.   As stated above, most of the numbers for this month are depressed in comparision to previous months.  The total revenue for the month of October was $23,807.96.  As you can see, I’m still focused on 5 different affiliate / traffic networks, with the major network being as they pay me weekly and on time ALL the time.  Although they were recently brought out by another company, I’m still confident they there business operations are sound and they are a good place to do business.  No, I’m not putting blind faith into them as I’m setting up to diversify sending my traffic to other networks.  I just have a great report with my Affiliate Manager and the network management that has caused me to continue to work with them.

October Expenses

The expenses for this month are pretty much in line with what I’d expect for the revenue that was produced.  The only major differences this month was the expense (a hold over from when I was attempting to create my own mobile offer) and (a web based advertising spy tool that I was using to route out other offers and advertisers).  The total expense for the month of October was $14,912.51.   Not too bad.

October Profit

Overall profit for this month was $8,895.45.  Again this was way down from what I’ve usually do.  Kinda made me a little sad.  But on the flip side makes me want to work a little harder.  I can admit, I got a little comfortable with alot of things running on autopilot that I did not expand as aggressively as I’d been wanting too.  Lesson learned.  Let’s see what next month brings.  I’m not gonna set a revenue goal for next month per say as I know November will be a tough month.

As always, I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress.

-Ollie Hales signing off


5 Responses to “October Mobile Business Report”
  1. steve says:

    What happened with txtnation, why is it just a hold over now?
    Not into creating your own offer anymore?

  2. PabloVTB says:

    Ollie, blogs like yours truly inspire me to want to stay an entrepreneur, keep it up man! great info and great share.

  3. admin says:

    I was having issues getting “premium” mobile content that they would approve. So I just gave up on it for now and focused on other offers.

  4. Edgar says:

    Ollie, nice share man. Keep it going! — As you said, your October results will push you to “work a little harder” …

    I mean, to us that are just starting, these numbers look great — But you only know where you need to focus and what you need to do.

    All the best to you!

  5. Marcovan says:

    Hey just wanted to comment that altough i do not really like to read blogs because most are just bad and wasting my time… this one is really great. I stumbled on it at the imgrind forums.

    I see you are trying to get your profits up to a new level. You will get there soon!

    I am just like you looking to build some stable revenue stream outside the regular affiliate stuff.. Building apps, collecting leads, seting up your own mobile offer etc. I am quite new with this and i do not even know where to start so that’s somehting to look forward to.

    I will keep following your blog now and than, and I hope you will hit your goals soon man!

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