Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

November Mobile Business Report


Rough Month

As I sit here an type this report, I’m really sadden about the progress I’ve been making lately.  It seems the entire year things were working out great and I was blasting through offers (in a good way) left and right.  However, this month (November) was one of my toughest moments on record in a long time.   Things just seemed to have fallen apart all a sudden  and all at the same time.

Let me elaborate.  For one, my major mobile campaigns around ringtones, dating, and pay per call all went belly up.  On the ringtone campaigns, bid prices kept going up till I no long was profitable. On the dating campaign front, one of my main offers was discontinued by the advertiser and I’ve been having a hard time finding something to replace that offer.  Finally I’d found a pay per call offer that was perfect for the traffic I had from another campaign.  Long story short, I re-purposed that traffic so it could flow into this dating pay per call offer (Livelinks).   Shortly after getting it up and running and at a 100% ROI, the campaign was discontinued by the advertiser due to funding.

On the web side of things, I’d been running a set of plugin campaigns that were producing great daily profits.  However, as with any offer you don’t own, competition can come in and wipe the floor with you.  I was able to hold them off for a few weeks, however, they kept raising their bids (and so did I) to a point where I was no longer profitable.   So again, I had to stop the campaign or risk losing further money on my promotions.

All and all saying November was a down month is an understatement.   A close friend of mine said that I was “spoiled” because I still made a profit for the month.  That may be true to a point, however, when you’ve been to the mountain top and now are traversing a valley, that really can hurt your ego.   I’m not gonna turn this blog post into a pitty party because I know that things will turn around and the best days are ahead of me.  So no worries.  I’ve turned it around before and with faith in myself and God’s favor, things will be back to “normal” in no time.

With all of this said, here are the results for this month.

November Revenue

Total revenue for the month was $4,774.91.  As you can see, Mundo Media is rose to the top of the pack this month.  They had a quiet a few web related offers that I was promoting that kept me mostly afloat of this month.  Revived Media, another favorite network of mine came in 2nd place.

November Expenses

As it relates to expenses, which came in at $3,458.75, they were rather high in comparison to my revenues.  Again the main reason of this is before the ROI that I used to enjoy on my campaigns are dwindling due to increase bid pricing on my campaigns.  One thing to note this month was that I tested running traffic on a new mobile ad network.  The jury is still out on them, however, I’ll continue to test new traffic sources that are off the beaten track in hopes of finding pockets of traffic on which I won’t be easily out bid.

November Profit

Doing the math, you can see that the overall profit for the month of November comes in at $1,316.34.  Although not a stellar month, I was in profit so I can’t complain.  Made more online in a month than investing in the stock market ;-).

All I can say is that things are down right now, but they won’t stay that way….I’ll continue to push forward to bring those numbers back up.  I’m very optimistic about things going forward.  So what will I be doing different.  Well for starters I will continue to expand my campaigns into other geographical markets.  I’ve been playing around in the US for too long and its gotten WAY TOO competitive.  So many of my websites and pages will have to be translated into the language of the Geo I’m targeting.   Another thing I’ll be testing out is Facebook.  I know very obvious, but to be honest, I’ve never done much traffic buying there.  I’ve tried some things there in the past, however, I was never profitable.  However, given my new vigor to make things work again, I’ll definitely be testing some things out there really soon.  Finally I’ll continue to focus on create my own lead gen funnel.  This way I’ll control the offer and the path.  Things are still panning out slow in that arena but this is definitely a project I’m not giving up on.

Till next time we chat.

Ollie James Hales
– signing off.

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