Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

My 1st Direct Site Buy – Spreading the Music


Spread The Music

So last post I mentioned that I was purchasing traffic on the Google Content Network. Basically allowing Google to place my ads where ever they felt would best fit the content on of my ad copy. During this process, I was tracking the various sites on which I was being placed in hopes of contacting these sites directly and cutting Google out of the advertising deal. One day, while walking through a listing of hundreds of sites from my Bible App campaign, I found that on a few occasions my ad showed up on this music listing site:

Now I’ve never heard of this site before and was about to ignore it and move on as I was focused on getting the Bible Toolbar campaign profitable. However, it hit me that maybe I could run a totally different toolbar campaign on this site. I’d remembered that Neverblue had a bunch of music related toolbars that paid out “okay”. Maybe I could test it out on this site to see if it would convert. I only had 1 problem though. I’d already tried site targeting with Google and they were not showing me much love with cheap clicks. So I would need to contact this site’s owner and hope that they would respond back to me. I quickly stopped myself because I didn’t want to put the cart before the horse. Given that I didn’t know much about this site, I needed to do a little research about the visitor volume of the site. No use buying traffic on a site with little to no volume right?

My favorite tool for determining site volume is I like it so much that I have a toolbar installed on my browser that constantly shows me the volume of each site I visit throughout the day. So I checked out the site’s statistics via 🙁 Stats


This was a little disappointing. Usually if does not have any stats on a site, this usually means that a site is not worth buying advertising on. But hey, maybe was having a bad day, so I went over to my backup site of choice Although there data is not as extensive as, they still give pretty good estimates. I take their estimate and divide it by 1/3. This has been gotten me closest to the correct stats by my experience.


Quantcast Stats

So Quantcast shows this site gets 28,825 US visitors per month, this means they really only get about 9500 visitors a month. Thats 317 visitors a day right? Can’t be too bad right? I’m game to test this out.

So I went back and checked the site more closely again and found that they sell advertising! They had an “Advertise with us” link right on the bottom of their page. Perfect!! So I contacted the owner of the site with the following email:


My name is Ollie Hales and I just came across you website. I believe your site may be a perfect fit for some advertising I would like to do. I’ll be basically advertising a music related toolbar on your site. Before we go forward however, I would like to know how much daily traffic you are receiving from both the US. I was unable to determine this from Alexa nor

Here is a visual representation of where I would like to advertise on your site:

Its the top left 300×250 block. I would like to start off with a 1 week test and then move up to a longer termed position once I’ve assertained if I’m getting enough traffic from you guys.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Looking forward to working with you really soon.

Ollie Hales


After a few emails back and forth, I was able to secure the position on the page that I asked for in the email. We decided that I would to a test run for $150.00 for 1 week of traffic on his site. I sent him my creatives and tracking links and let things rip.

It only took me a few hours to realize that the traffic from this site that the was a little much to be desired. I was barely getting any clicks and the clicks that I were receiving were coming in from other countries like Brazil, Germany, and Russia. Given my current CPA offer, I could not convert that traffic. Since the tracking link I sent him was also connected to a rotator (Imobitrax) script, I swapped in a few extra offers in hopes of monetizing the Non-US traffic.


I got banned from the traffic source.  Since I was showing the site owner (located in Russia) a different campaign than what was being shown in the US,  I received an email from the site owner the 2nd day of running stating this:



I’ve tried to click on your banner with a US IP-address and it is redirecting me to musicoasis download.

Per our policy this is the case when we can stop displaying your ads without any refunds.
We’ve stopped displayed your ads and issued you a full refund.

Konstantin Shramchevskiy



Neverblue Stats

So all and all I was running on this site for 48 hours. During that time, I received a total of 119 clicks. Of those clicks, only 1 of them resulted in a conversion which was worth $1.70. If you do the math, $150.00 = 7 days of traffic. This comes to $21.43 a day. I used up 2 days of traffic for a total cost of $42.86. Revenue was $1.70. My “profit” comes to 1.70 – 42.86 = –$41.16. So this process resulted in an overall loss.

So what did I learn from this exercise? This was my 1st site buy and given that I was anxious to get it started, I ignored a major sign upfront that would have saved me this losing headache. The site just didnt have enough traffic., my trusty tool has never failed me, yet I ignored what it was telling me about this site. Had I stuck to my prelaid logic, I would have never approached this site owner. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. This being said, I know now never to buy traffic on sites with volume as low as this site. My focus should be on sites that have greater than 3,000 daily visitors.


2 Responses to “My 1st Direct Site Buy – Spreading the Music”
  1. Brian says:

    I really enjoy these case studies. Thanks. I would love to see how to run a paypercall campaign 🙂

  2. Ollie Hales says:

    Hey Brian,

    No worries, I’m working on trying a pay per call case study in the near future. I have to be careful what I post about it as I don’t want to ruin my own profits 😉

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