Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

May Earnings Report – Mayday Mayday!!


man_tiredEver get that overwhelmed feeling?  You know, that feeling where things are either falling down around you (maybe not literally) and you are fighting to keep up with things.  Keeping up with Work, Family, Extended Family, Business Goals, and Friends can all take their toll out on you.  If you’ve not figured it out, May was one of those months for me.  Things have been really hectic personally and has affected how well my business has been run this month.  Without getting into the details per say, I’ve been traveling a bunch this past month (May) dealing bunch of things in my immediate family.  This being said, both my mobile business and start up Amazon business have been on autopilot the past few weeks.  It’s cool however, because family should always come first.  You can have all the wealth in the world, but without a family to share it with, its all for nothing.

In any case, life is turning back to normal so you’ll get more consistent updates out of me going forward ;-).  This post is actually breaking a rule of mine I setup awhile back.  I typically don’t like posting back to back earnings posts as I would like to make sure people are gathering some new insight when reading my posts and not just coming to the blog to read earnings statements.  But given the lack of time I’ve had over the past month, I hope you guys can forgive me as I move forward.

May Highlights:

WordPress and Mobile Tracking Sites Hacked Multiple times

This is a major WordPress malware exploit running around in the wild right now.  3 of my websites have been hacked multiple times this past month.  If you are not upgraded to the lastest version of WordPress and/or you are running old plugins (ie: WP Super Cache), I would highly suggest you upgrade to the latest versions of all the software you are running.  It’s not very fun when you wake up and try to access your sites only to find they are offline or that you can’t login to them because the password has been changed.  Not to mention the fact that my Imobitrax server was taken down as well.  As you know Imobitrax is at the center of my mobile advertising business.  If it goes down for any extended period of time, I’m dead in the water.  Make sure this does not happen to you…..ensure you have updated all software running on your servers.

Shipment from China Arrived

After many weeks of planning, negotiation, and waiting, my 1st product shipment finally arrived at my home from China just a few days ago.  Words can not convey how excited I was to see the Fedex truck roll up to my house and deliver these HUGE, did I say HUGE, over-sized boxes filled with “Made in China” goodies.  Check out the pics below and you’ll see what I mean.  Good thing we “partially” cleaned out the garage because if we didn’t those boxes would still be sitting outside our house right now.

From China -  With Love

From China – With Love

Tested out Icon Ad traffic using Airpush and Sendroid

For many of you out there that may not be aware, there is a type of mobile advertising called Icon Ads that I’ve been utilizing this month for various offers.  Icon ads are basically icons that get dropped on your phones desktop that link out to external websites and/or mobile games.  These icons usually get placed on your desktop when you open and run a game that is running code from an adnetwork which specializes in these ad units.  Once the icon is on a user’s desktop, if the icon stands out, the user may click it and be sent to a page where they can download a game (in my case), fill out a CPA offer, or just browse a site. Two of the main networks that utilize this technology are Airpush and Sendroid.  If you are interested in testing out this medium, I would highly suggest reaching out to these companies.

Earnings Report:

May Revenue

May Revenue

So let’s talk about my earnings for the month.  Although I was away from my business most of the month, things actually proceeded okay while on autopilot.  Revived Media still produced most of the revenue for the month.  They have supplied me with a bunch of mobile gaming offers that are doing quite well in GEOs outside of the US market.  I will continue to focus and expand in this niche in the upcoming weeks.  Neverblue is again in 2nd place, however, Neverblue is beginning to offer mobile gaming offers similar to those offered by Revived Media.  Since this is the case, I plan on testing out more Neverblue mobile offers in the month of June to see how they pan out.  With this being said, revenue for May came out to be $9,627.61.  

May Expenses

May Expenses

Expenses for May were relatively low in comparison to other past months.  Most of my cash outlay for the month centered around Microsoft Adcenter and this expense is a fraction of what I’ve spent in the past there.  The reason I spent less on Microsoft Adcenter this month was because my bid prices on various converting keywords were beginning to creep up in price and were not as profitable as they’d been.  So I cut my losses and moved on to other advertising mediums.  As stated in the above highlights, I decided to test out Icon ad traffic from Airpush and Sendroid spending $100.00 and $50.00 respectively.  So far Sendroid has been a waist of time as I’ve not been able to get anything to convert profitably (even at .01 a icon drop).  All and all, expenses for the month top out at $1,770.78.  If only I can keep my expenses this low every month!

May Profit

May Profit

Given that this was a hectic month for me, I’m not surprised I didn’t meet my goal of $5,000.00 profit.  However, I came pretty darn close.  After holding back 35% for taxes and 10% for tithes, my overall profit for the month came out to be $4321.26.  This was only $678.74 shy of my goal for the month.  You will get no complaints from me here either.

Mortgage Barometer

The barometer did not move up as high as I’d liked to to move this month.  This month I only added an additional $1,250 to the mortgage.  Reason being is I diverted the rest of those funds into my Amazon product project.  In any case, I’m 2/3’rds away from the goal that I set at the beginning of the year.

Mortgage Barometer

Mortgage Barometer

Goals for June:

$6,000 Profit

– Time to push myself a little bit harder this month to make up for the short fall last month.  I’m upping the bar slightly to $6,000.00 profit for the month of June.  Given what I’ve learned in month’s past, I do believe I should be able to hit this goal.  It will all center around me testing new offers in multiple GEOs while tracking which handsets are converting the best.

Get 1st product shipped out to Amazon’s warehouse.

– Now that my 1st product has arrived and is sitting in my garage, its time to get them checked out, inventoried, and shipped out to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.  This is basically what I’ve been working towards the past 3 months.  I can’t loose that momentum now.  By the end of the month, these products will be live on Amazon and with a little luck, selling like hotcakes.

Get Amazon product listing up to date.

– Now before my product can be sold, I need to get my product listings in order.  This was supposed to have been taken care of already, but given my absence, I’ve not been able to complete this task.  No more excuses, my product goes live today!

Clear out garage for 2nd Amazon shipment.

– The second product I’m expecting will be rather huge.  The 1st product was only 2040 total pieces with each individual piece only filling a 7 in x 7 in x 2 in space.  The next product will be alot larger!  Early estimates put it in a box the size of 19 in x 9 in x 15 in.  Not to mention there will be over 200 of them.  So you can do the math to see how many cubic feet I’ll be taking up.  To save you the time….check out the model picture I made below of the boxes being sent over.  Now imagine again, 200 of these boxes.  My wife is gona kill me!!!!

Single Box Scaled Size

Single Box Scaled Size


7 Responses to “May Earnings Report – Mayday Mayday!!”
  1. Brian says:

    Wow you have massive ROI on your ad spend? I went on a family trip last month and came back to find both my bing accounts were shut down last week for some ad violation which im not sure about. Never had any problem before that. My 1st FBA product diet supplement hasn’t done well so thinking of restarting and trying china importing. Been a tough month for me with these setbacks especially seeing all the easy success ASM people seem to be having with FBA. I got this summer to make it work or back to working for corporate america.


  2. Gabe Terrell says:

    Seems like things weren’t too shabby when they were on auto-pilot. I know how it feels when you’ve been waiting on something(packages especially) and eagerly waiting on the courier and they appear with Boxes! That alone is enough to keep you motivated and moving forward. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dan G. says:

    Nice! I can’t wait to see how the products turned out!

  4. admin says:

    Hey Brian,

    You are just gonna have to keep pressing forward. I’m sure something will pick up. I opted not to go the supplement route because it seemed so many people were already doing it. Maybe if you try a different angle you can make it work? But in any case, the summer should give you plenty of time to get things rolling.

  5. Tim says:

    Nice update and Congrats (again) on your progress. Can’t wait to see your growth in the future!

  6. Leonidas says:

    Senddroid is garbage thus far. I agree. 0% cvr, and their ctr according to their platform hovers consistently at 2-3%, no matter which ad type you use. Questionably rigged.

  7. Chris says:

    Hey Ollie,

    I found your site through SPI comments.

    Serious props to you man! I thought the PPC to Aff. Offers game was dead but you have definitely proved me wrong!

    Rock on!


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