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June Mobile Earnings Update – It’s Late


June Earnings Report

June Earnings Report

June has come and gone and we are in the middle of July!  It’s time for the June Business Report.  So much has happened over the course of the past few weeks that I was beginning to almost forget some of the many intricate details which made June such a success.  In any case, I’ll try not to leave anything out.

Diversification of Traffic Networks

As with most businesses, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.  This month, I thought I’d start to look around at other Mobile Affiliate networks to see what CPA offers and mobile apps they were offering that were different from what I’d been previously promoting.  Since I’m an affiliate of the OfferMobi network and have not been heavily running with them lately, I decided to check them out.  I’m so glad I did, turns out they had access to quite a few offers that I’d been previously promoting on other networks.  I recently stopped promoting some offers due to changes in payout terms and frequency.  Long story short, I’d been promoting some really profitable offers that have their bases in Italy, Spain, and Germany.  However, due to no fault of their own, the advertising network had to change some of the payout terms.  I went from being paid weekly to being paid monthly on those offers.  (**note the original network has now gone back to paying me weekly ;-)**)  This commotion caused me to look around and thus I found OfferMobi to be a suitable replacement.

This diversification did not stop with just branching out to OfferMobi.  I’ve also began testing more offers on the Everbadge and W4 affiliate networks.  Nothing has really panned out yet, but I’m sure I’ll get somethings going in the month of July. *wink wink*

Major Offer Lost Ability to Bill Customers

Have you ever wondered how many mobile games make their money.   Most of them make their money from In-App purchases, In-App Advertising, or when some downloads them for say 99 cent downloads from Itunes.  However, there is another segment of games out there that make their money by billing a person’s phone bill directly.  You’ll typically find these type of games outside of the US market, although there are quite a few readily available here.  Think of how Ringtone companies charge their customers.  They charge a customer a monthly fee in exchange for the ability to download X amount of ringtones to their phone.  This business model has now been extended to the gaming area.  The games producers have agreements with local phone carriers around the world to bill a customer for downloading and opting into their game.  The game creator gets paid once a person subscribes to their game, the carrier handle’s the billing and also takes a cut, and finally we the affiliates get a piece of the pie by getting paid a commission for each new customer we bring to the table.

Well this month, one of the major gaming applications I was promoting lost the ability to bill a specific carrier in Italy (WIND).  Because over 30% of my traffic in Italy came from WIND, I ended up losing a lot of revenue.  The problem has been recently rectified, however, whatever changes were made on the back end to satisfy the carrier have been detrimental to the success of this offer.  My WIND traffic no longer converts for this offer and I’ve recently just moved on to other offers.  Sometimes offers just die, and this offer has really died hard for me.

Direct Linking To Mobile Games Tests

This paragraph is a perfect segway into the subject of finding new converting offers.  I recently spent a bunch a few hours the other day direct linking to a bunch of mobile games.  Basically I through out everything I knew about designing landing pages for apps and offers and decided just to only direct link to a bunch of offers.  I gathered up a bunch of offers that “looked” like they should convert pretty well with just a well placed banner ad.  It should be pretty simple to find at least ONE offer out the bunch that’ll set me up for awhile right?   I’ll let the results below be the judge.

Direct Link Tests

Direct Link Tests

As you can see, direct linking is not always the best way to go when it comes to mobile applications.  Yes, you can make a bunch of money direct linking, however, unless the application is a 1-click conversion type app, you may have to spend some time preselling the prospect on why they should download and play your app in the 1st place.

Earnings Report

June Revenue

June Revenue

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about the actual earnings for the month of June.  Revenue for the month was a very strong $13,431.15 with Neverblue accounting for over half of recorded revenue.  Although the other 2 affiliate networks are great performers, Neverblue had the edge on them this month due having some of the better converting offers in the mix this month.  Kudos to my affiliate manager, Cole Carnes, who has really helped me put together a really strong portfolio of offers there.  Hopefully this trend continues to last.

June Expenses

June Expenses

My biggest expense this month comes in the form of $1,950.00.  This covers my deposit into a “Secret Ad Network” that is relatively new to the scene.  Their traffic is really cheap, however, their user quality is exceptional!.  They specialize in In-App banner placements on both the IOS and Android platforms.  Although targeting specific handsets continues to be a problem, they are in the mist of a major system upgrade that’ll finally allow for carrier targeting.  Really exciting stuff.

June Profit

June Profit

This brings use to the profit for the month.  The initial goal for the month was to pull in $6,000.00 profit (after tithes and taxes).  After calculating the numbers, it looks like I missed my goal by $224.40.  Profit for the month was $5,775.60.  Although I missed my goal for the month, I can’t really be to sour about it.  This still was a strong showing.  Where their things this month that I could have done better?  Yes, their certainly were.   Again, you just have to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

Next month’s goal = $8,000.00   🙂  (Based on the assumption I can capitalize on some major news in the mobile gaming space )

As it relates to my goal of paying off 30,000.00 of my mortgage by year’s end,  I have been able to reach $22,500.00 that goal based on this month’s performance.   I’m so close that I can smell it!   Thanks for keeping me motivated guys.

Mortgage Goal Progress

Mortgage Goal Progress

Until next post  (The Amazon Business Update), this is Ollie James Hales signing off.


7 Responses to “June Mobile Earnings Update – It’s Late”
  1. Giles says:

    The most important thing is setting a goal, which you have done but it appears that goal for your mortgage will be reached soon. Looks like you will have to set another goal for the last quarter of the year! Keep up the good work.

  2. Joe says:

    Yeah, I had a WIND problem too (pardon the phrase). 1-click billing now becomes 3-click billing. Shame, because there was a lot of volume there.

  3. Ollie Hales says:

    Hey Joe,

    I know exactly what you mean. Conversion rates have dropped greatly. I’m wondering if its worth it to keep trying or focus efforts in another GEO….Jury’s out..

  4. Kevin says:

    When you are doing direct link tests are you just testing that with PPV traffic?

    Seems like you sent a lot of clicks for a small amount of money.


  5. sukee says:

    No more update?

  6. Andy Black says:

    Love the picture of your goal and your progress towards it.

  7. Mike says:

    Well, this is a very beautiful revenue for such amount of traffic.
    In my case, I have a better CTR, but the revenue is under your value due to the fact that my traffic comes from a different region.

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