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January Earnings Statement – New Year Plans


Pushing Forward

You should probably know me by now, I tend to put up my earnings statements a little more tardy than most.  I’ll work on more prompt postings in 2013.  In any case, my last posting was more of a review of 2012, however in this post I would like to focus more on what I’m planning for 2013.  Yeah, it may be a little corny to put up your business resolutions out on my blog like this, however, this is for my benefit just as much as it is for my readers. I like the fact that people can hold me accountable for what I’ve planned and blabbed about wanting to accomplish.

Taking everything I’ve learned over the past year into account, I’ve come to be more confident in my abilities to come up with ideas and see then through to the end.  I’m reminded everyday that, “You have to keep failing in order to make progress“.  And boy do have I had my fair share of failures between last month (January) and now.  With all that being said however, 2013 looks bright and I don’t want to loss any of that positive momentum I’ve been gaining as of late.

If any of you remember the “infamous” whiteboard that I keep hanging in my office, you’ll know that it’s there as a constant reminder of things I want and plan to accomplish on a weekly basis. Without this thing, I would be totally lost.





Yearly Goal Board

I’ve updated the structure of the board slightly.  On the far left are the yearly goals for both myself and my wife. In the top middle section, I detail my monthly goals, which all feed into my yearly goals. Next, in the “middle  middle” section, I detail my weekly goals, again which all feed into my monthly goals.  On the far right of the board, I’m keeping a running tally of profit goals vs. actual goals. And finally on the bottom right section of the page, I listed a “mortgage goal barometer“, more on that in a minute.

As it relates to my major yearly goals, you can see them all listed below:

– Love my wife in her love language: (gifts)
– Pay off 30,000 of mortgage debt
– Ride my motorcycle (Kawasaki Ninja) at least 2x a month.
– Plan 2 family vacations.
– Lose 30 lbs by July 15th
– Take my daughter on a nature walk.
– Start a steady bible study
– Have my first first per view (FPV) flight
– Have fun and enjoy life
– Net 100k profit in business

Goals not listed on board:

– Develop my own product, offer, or service
– Teach someone how to make at least 1k profit online a month

One thing I want to mention in the *Goals not listed on board* section is that these goals have always been with me internally, but I’ve never formally addressed them as something I wanted to do.  Well at least the “teaching” goal as never formally presented to you all.  I feel like I’ve been doing a good job with “drive by” teaching via my blog, however, I don’t think I’ve done my best at 1 on 1 teaching.   So my goal this year is work on teaching some lucky person how I’m doing what I’m doing :-).   I’ll keep you all posted.

As for the other goal of developing my own product, I’m still doing heavy research in that area.  I have a few friends that have their own supplement products online and this could be a viable business venture for myself, however, I’m still working on exactly what market I would like to go into.

Finally I have a goal of substantially paying down my mortgage debt this year. I’m working a conservative goal to pay down my mortgage from (internet sources) by $30,000.  In order to do this, I have to clear $2,500 a month to meet my goal.  I’ve already started tracking things and have drawn a little barometer to track my progress.

Monthly Barometer

Now that my goals are out in the ether, its time to start executing my plans.  I’ve broken my income goals down monthly.

1st Quarter Projections

As you can see, my first months goal was 3,000 in profit.  This goal was set because it was a more realistic goal given the fact that I was coming off a really bad December.  Given what I was able to learn over the month of December and getting accepted back on to a few offers that were initially removed from my affiliate network, I was able to recover my December decline.  Also moving forward, I plan on incrementally increasing those income goals in a realistic fashion, however, still adhering to my overall yearly goals.

So let’s take about my January results.  Needless to say I was able to meet my goal for the month.  However, it was not without trial and error.  In December I purchased a relatively expensive course called Mailer Millionaire that taught the “secrets” of bulk mailing.  In addition to the original cost of $997.00, there was a $297.00 monthly fee to be apart of their forum, use their mailing software, and attend their weekly webinars.  On top of the monthly fee, I was also sourcing munch of my own mailing data which was another $525.00.   All an all, I’m not gonna knock the program as I learned ALOT about mailing in a short time, the program was not for me.  I ended up cancelling my membership turning my focus back to mobile advertising.

January Revenue

Above here the 1st revenue statement for the new year.  One major take away from this chart is that Google Adsense has started to show up on the list.  I own a very niche comedic satire site that I’ve been monetizing via Google Adsense that’s really started to take off.  Never really put must stock in Adsense, but since I’m getting free traffic to this site, I figured I’d test them out and looks like it’s working.  Other than that, the normal players are still on the list with Neverblue being the top performer.   All and all revenue for the month of January was $10,300.55.

January Expenses

The major expenses for this month have been my promotions via SiteScout, a real-time bidding platform (RTB), Microsoft Adcenter, my mailing related ventures, and a few niche mobile networks.  Total Expenses for the month January were $4049.78

January Profits

If you didn’t notice, I’m doing something a little different as it relates to profit reporting.  1st off, I’m keep the Net Profits computation the same.  However, I’ve added a section called “Take Home Profit“.  This means exactly what is says, its my profit AFTER I account for taxes and tithes.  I’m allocating 35% as a hold back for taxes (a little high, but want to be careful) and of course 10% for tithes.  So this is the real number I have to play with, reinvest, or do whatever with at the end of the accounting cycle.  So my total taken home profit for the month came out to be $3,437.92…..darn taxes!

I would like to thank everyone for your continued support in reading my blog.  I know this year will be a stellar year!  I feel it!  Just got to stay organized and execute the plan as written.

As always I’ll keep you guys posted on how things work.



9 Responses to “January Earnings Statement – New Year Plans”
  1. Crystal says:

    *raising & waving hand frantically* Can I be your new mentee?? The one you teach to make a thousand a month?! Let’s set up our first session! Awesome job as always!

  2. brian says:

    thanks for sharing. I’ve had lots of boom/busts in paid traffic(campaigns paused/PPC bidding restrictions/ecetera) that I don’t know how you are able to forecast each month. Being an affiliate with paid traffic is tough to build up anything over time has been my issue.

    I thought about trying paypercall but never really understood the proper setup and tracking.


  3. admin says:

    Yeah Brian,

    Pay per call actually works pretty well for me at the moment. How I track though is I group keywords into adgroups and apply a certain phone number to an adgroup. I can’t optimize down to the keyword yet, but all and all my ad groups are profitable. As it relates to how I forecast, its basically based on campaigns I know that I can run that have been around for awhile, but its really alot of guesswork.

  4. brett c says:

    Always great to see what you are working on Olley, I purchased a whiteboard at the beginning of the month and I haven’t made proper use of it yet. I like what you have done and I will try something similar. I am working through a programme called “Get Productive” at the moment and it is really helping me to prioritise what I am doing. Best, Brett

  5. admin says:

    Thanks man!,

    If I didn’t write things down I would be lost on what I wanted to accomplish weekly, monthly, and yearly. Yeah USE THE WHITEBOARD ASAP!….best advice I could give ya.

  6. Dan G. says:

    Good stuff as always.

  7. Giles says:

    Keep paying those tithes….it’s a money back guarantee and keep setting goals. That infamous white board has been a well kept secret to becoming successful.

  8. Couldnt find a way to contact you so please drop me a mail.

    I want to include you in my next income report round up post if possible.

  9. Jacky says:

    You touched me deeply, guy! Move on!
    And you can do so well with Bingads. Why not try GG Adwords with mobile CPA?

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