Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Bulk Alexa Rank Checking


Bulk Alexa Checking

A couple of posts ago I was talking about how I was trying to identify sites where I could contact the webmaster directly to purchase advertising.  My process consisted of pulling a Google Placement and Imobitrax report of all the sites I receive any amount of clicks on and looking up traffic stats on each site individually using Alexa and

This process took up alot of my time and if any of you know how precious time can be you’ll quickly see why I was looking for a more efficient solution.

I recently came across a FREE web tool that allows you dump a large number of domains into a form and it’ll calculate the Alexa rank of all your sites up to a 500 site limit.  It will then allow you to download the list to an excel spreadsheet where you can manipulate it.

The name of the tool is called “Bulk Alexa Rank Checker“.

Here is a link to the tool here:

This really saved me a bunch of time trying to pin down which sites are worth contacting and which ones were not.  Just thought I’d share this tool with my readers really quick in a short post.

– Ollie James Hales

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