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April Earnings Report – April Showers


Time for another monthly wrap-up. It seems like time is flying by so fast.  April has come and gone and we are already well into the 2nd week in May.  Summer will be here in just a few weeks, and I’m itching to take some vacation time from my full time job.  But lets take things one at a time.   In any case, I hope all is well with my readers and with that said, let’s get down to my report.

In April, there were 4 major goals that I sought out to accomplish.  Two goals, based around my mobile traffic business, focused on both maintaining current streams of revenue and gradually expanding others.  The other two goals, which focused on my fledgling Amazon Business, focused on niche product creation and product sourcing.  Below is a synopsis of how those goals panned out.

Mobile Business Goals


-Expand Usage of Mobile Traffic Networks

Given that some of the major traffic sources can get saturated really quickly, I went out on a quest to find other networks with had profitable traffic for a listing of offers I was running.  I spent a lot of time “interviewing” traffic reps and I finally found 3 networks where I felt could get some traction.

Network 1: MobiAdz

I found this while doing a LinkedIn search.  I’m apart of a bunch of Mobile related discussions and this network was touting that they had a bunch of unfilled inventory.  I approached them as an experienced Mobile Agency representative and discussed my needs with him.  He was very happy to oblige me by taking my links and setting up a campaign on his “private” network of mobile properties.  After about 3 days I checked my stats and realized I only got less than 10 clicks from his mobile properties.   When I contacted him about it, I was given the excuse that he did not have traffic for the GEO’s I was targeting (something he could have told me at the very beginning of our dialogue.  Seems I wasted a good week of my life with them.

Network 2: AdsMobi

This network has a bunch of promise. I’ll cut to the chase and let you know that I’ve not run anything with them as of yet.  This is mainly because we were in the process of setting up a campaign and then it came to their attention that a particular type of campaign that I wanted to run was not very profitable for them to spend resources running it.  You see, AdsMobi has CPI traffic, which was the whole reason I wanted to run with them.  Although things fell apart in the campaign setup phase, I’m not giving up on finding a mobile campaign that would be mutually beneficial for both of us.

Network 3: Smaato

As with AdsMobi, I was not able to get anything off the ground with Smaato.  I was approaching these networks in a serial fashion and once things fell through with Adsmobi, I didn’t feel like going through the whole thing again with Smaato, given my limited amount of time between full time work, family, and Amazon business.   Smaato, may be a network I follow up with in late May or sooner.  I’m not going to count them out as they are a really big player in this business and I’m sure I could negotiate some really good rates on international mobile traffic.

– Deploy Two Google Apps into Google Play

My plan for this month was to deploy a couple more wallpaper type apps out on to Google Play and insert my ad code from to increase my earnings there.   Well, this plan kinda fell to the way side because of other pressing priorities in my life.  I was trying to execute this plan, along with a few others, during a time where I was managing a really heavy workload at work.  So given my constraints, I opted to slash this goal to focus on other things with a higher
profit potential (not to say Google Apps aren’t profitable, because they really are 🙂 )


Amazon Business Goals


– Identify 3 Private Label Opportunities

At the beginning of April, the Amazon Selling Machine charged it students to go out an find at least 3 private label opportunities out on Amazon that you would be interested in selling.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I found quite a few.  My niches ranged from personal health and fitness, children’s toys, kitchen aids, and personal fashion.  All and all, I had problems just narrowing things down to 3 opportunities.  So instead, I decided to just keep all of these items on a spreadsheet, and group them into “brand” categories for later product development.

The reason I’m grouping things by a “brand” is that I can foresee launching these products along with complimentary products under the same brand name in the near future.

– Identify a Single Private Label Product

Instead of identifying a single private label product, I’ve decided to launch two.  One product, in the fitness and outdoors niche was the sole brainchild of me.  I’ve seen these products being used by a variety of people.  From just your causal outdoorsy people to your extreme sports junkies.  This being said, this product can potentially be sold to a wide audience.  The second product was the sole idea of my wife.  The product center’s around a product that she’s used in the past with our daughter.  It solves a need that most mother’s (and father’s) tend to have when dealing with little girls. We are really excited about this product and believe it will be a slam dunk hit once it arrives on U.S. shores.

April Goal Target – $6,000.00

So the Goal for the month of April was to clear $6,000.00 take home profit for the month.  Let’s see how things panned out.

April Revenue 2012

Revenue for the month came in at $16,367.84.  Revived Media still came out ahead as the top revenue producing network this month.  Neverblue came in a very very distant second place.  This is because many of the apps that were producing much of my Neverblue revenue have started to show signs of decay.  And since I’ve been busy with personal work and family activities, I’ve not had the chance to refresh any of those mobile apps.  This is very concerning and I plan on taking steps in May that will hopefully remedy this problem.  The same fact holds true for Mundo Media and Profit Kings Media.

April Expenses 2013

Expenses for the month come in at $4,944.15, with Microsoft Adcenter and my “secret” Mobile Traffic network making up the bulk of my expenses.  I failed to mention above when I was talking about testing traffic networks that I tried my hand in making some campaigns work on Airpush and Plugrush.  Both campaigns bombed on those sources considerably, however, both networks have lots of potential because they have a slew of CHEAP traffic. I just got to keep testing things in small chunks and I’m sure I’ll find something that’ll work.  You may notice that I spent $19.90 for 10 bar-codes.  This was something that I needed for my products to be tracked correctly on Amazon.  Who knew you could “buy” your own unique bar-codes?!

April Profit 2013

Finally my profit numbers for the month came in at $11,423.69.  However, remember I only care about what I actually get to keep after paying tithes and my taxes.  The more realistic number comes in at $6,283.03.   This was almost a 50% decline from the previous month mainly due to changes at my “secret” traffic source.  It’s cool though, I don’t want to get to complacent and expect my traffic sources to “act right” all the time.  This is what keeps me always moving forward testing and innovating.  The good news for this month is that I was able to meet my goals, albeit if it was only by a slim margin.

Mortgage Goal Progress Barometer

Given that I was able to clear over $6,000.00 in take home profit, I opted to put $3,750.00 onto the mortgage bring the total up to $18,750.00.  It’s only been 4 months and we are less than 12k away from our goal we set for the year!  God has been really good to my business and I’ve very very thankful.

Now that April is over, its time to move forward into May.  I’ll let you guys picture of what my Goal Board looks like for the month of May.  This blog post is getting pretty long, so I’ll let the picture below explain what I have in mind.

Goals for May 2013

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Please leave your comments below.  I really love reading the personal emails and the comments you guys leave.  It really helps me from a morale standpoint when things get tough.  So please keep it up.  If you have any specific questions as well…leave those there as well.

Signing out

– Ollie James Hales


9 Responses to “April Earnings Report – April Showers”
  1. Dan G. says:

    So the 1/2 cent clicks are still coming? That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see how this works with Amazon.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah they are still coming, but not with the same velocity as they did in prior months. (Partly because of how I have to wire funds to them manually) Working to try to get this resolved…but have been focused on the Amazon work mostly this month.

  3. Giles says:

    Loves how used the term “decay” with describing neverue! Lol also I always learn something from your blogs and now I know you can get your own unique bar codes. I think goal setting is a must in something and the fact that you are so close to your yearly goal means. You may have change it!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Giles,

    Yeah man, you can get your own unique bar codes for things that you are selling. I didn’t go into much detail about it…but i”m leaving a bunch of things out for posts in the future when I go into detail about the ins and outs of product development and all. As for my yearly goals, yeah I might have to change them pretty soon. When I set them, I really thought it would be something that would take a year to accomplish (given everything else I have going on), but that turned out to be false. I’m still not there yet…so don’t let me get to cocky, but its nice to see the progression.

    “Decay”…1st word that came into mind when writing this post….

  5. Tim says:

    Great job again James! Can’t wait until I am where you are at… it is encouraging to see you grow and get better!

  6. Mel says:

    When you say that your Neverblue revenue was starting to show signs of decay and that you’ve not had a chance to refresh any of those mobile apps, do you mean you were promoting Neverblue offers on your own apps?

  7. admin says:


    Yes, I’ve been promoting NB offers from within various apps I create.

  8. Mel says:

    So is the revenue figure you were showing from NeverBlue all generated via ads in your own apps or is it a mix of your own apps + mobile ppc advertising?

    Does the same apply with MundoMedia?

  9. The Rookie says:

    So James,
    I have to admit I have no idea what your doing to make money. I am not sure what those products are or if you have niche sites. But for some reason Im interested. First time to your site so ill dive in.

    What exactly are you promoting? Affiliate sales for something. Your site probably explains everything so I should look through it first. Nice numbers though. Probably enough to quit the day job and go full time, but why if you love the job right.

    Secondly though, what is your weight loss goal about. Look like your in pretty good shape at least from the pics.

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