Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Adcenter Mobile In-App Ads: Waste of Time?


Many of you may know how much I’m into finding traffic sources that are not as exploited as many of the mainstream sources.  Many of you out there probably mainly use Google, Yahoo, Bing, Jumptap, Leadbolt, Airpush, etc for many of your mobile campaigns.  There’s nothing wrong with this as I do the exact same thing.  These sources have some of the largest concentration of traffic and should well be utilized in your traffic mix.  But, let’s not forget that they are not the only sources out there.  **End Rant**

Now I started this blog post more so as a primer to get you thinking outside the box.  Now I’m gonna make a 180 degree about face and talk to you about Adcenter, one of my favorite sources of traffic in hopes that you can both assist me and learn from my failures on this platform.  I’ve been utilizing Adcenter for quite some time now monetizing its mobile search platform.  However, recently I’ve come to realize that Adcenter also has “Mobile App Traffic”, more specifically “Windows Mobile App Traffic”.  The traffic is also relatively cheap (or so I thought) at about .04 a click.  Given that I could bid that low and still be in first position for all their traffic lead me down the road of trying to figure out how to best monetize this traffic and have a monopoly on the traffic source.

After running some test campaigns through Imobitrax, I was able to figure out that the main phone / carrier demo types running on this source were the following:

Phone Models

Phone Carriers

Phone Carriers









































Given this information, I went to some of my favorite affiliate networks to pull out offers that I felt would be compatible with the type of traffic I was buying.   From my understanding, this would be In-App banner inventory that was contextually targeted based on the keywords in my adgroups.

I carefully selected the following offers based on their pervasiveness, landing pages, convertibility.

Partner Locator



















I created ads for these offers and let them rip.  I’ve probably spent about $800.00+ testing adcopy and various offer combinations to know avail.  Just yesterday I spent $217.00 promoting Thumbplay and only made back $17.50…..if you do that math….that’s a $199.50 loss there.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this traffic source may be a dud.  I’m curious as to if anyone else out there would like to try it out and prove me wrong.  I suspect that the ads within the apps may be in positions where people are accidentally clicking them and backing out from the landing pages of my offer.   I tested this by placing a bridge page between the ad and the affiliate offer.   Out of say 2000 clicks (the traffic here comes in REALLY REALLY fast) about only 100 people actually clicked through to my actual affiliate offer.  So this strengthens my case that this may be an area ripe with accidental clicks.  My plan is to go a store that has a lot of Windows Mobile Phones and play around with them to see if I can find where their ad placements are.

Again, I’m curious to find out if any other person out there is testing and/or actively banking with In-App ads on the Windows Mobile OS.

Post Below and let me know what you guys are doing.  Maybe we can mastermind and team up.

Till Next Post….


2 Responses to “Adcenter Mobile In-App Ads: Waste of Time?”
  1. Edwina says:

    Wow two posts in two days … Great information and analysis as always .

  2. Leonidas K says:

    Not sure if you’ve had previous success with app traffic, but this was covered fairly extensively by mobaffblog.

    When creating a mobile campaign, turn off app and wifi traffic, since the conversion rate on these is very low in comparison.

    Similar to enabling “click-2-call only” ads within adwords, to enable the best conversion rate.

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