Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

About Me

Ollie James Hales

I could write so many things right now about myself but you probably would not care to read it.   But who cares, this is my blog.   I’m one of the many people out on the Internet right now attempting to make a few extra pieces of dough to help offset personal expenses acquired doing who knows what.

I’m a computer “geek” by trade and an entrepreneur by heart.   I’ve always wanted to own my own business and every since learning that a good friend of mine retired from his IT job at the age of 26 (we worked in the same computer lab), its been full speed of ahead following in his footsteps.  Do I want to retire from my job….no, I love my work.   Would it be nice to have an extra 100k a year raise?   Heck yeah!

The purpose for me writing this blog if for me to hold myself accountable for the things I say I want to accomplish in my life.  I figure if I write things down they will be more real to me.  At the same time, stating what you are planning to do out loud (no more open place than the internet) also puts extra eyeballs on you.  This “Ustress”, (term from 4 Hour Work Week), serves a positive reinforcement in helping to reach my goals.

So what is it I would like to accomplish with this venture online?   Well to get the answer to that question, you’ll need to check out the following pages:   Marketing Goals and WeightLoss Goals

Yes, my goals are 2 fold.   To take care of my finances and take care of my body.   I figure if the body is not taken care of, who cares how much money you have in your bank accounts.

I invite everyone reading this blog to keep checking back periodically as I plan on updating my blog at least 2 to 3 times a week.  There you can follow my progress and drop me a comment or 2 about what you think of everything.

You can also friend me on facebook as well.  Just make sure you state that you saw my blog post and wanted to befriend me.

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