Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

The plugging along at this online advertising gig can get overwhelming at times.  There are so many avenues you can walk down, so  many uncharted paths you can explore, just so much stuff to go after.  It can be very challenging not to get distracted chasing the next shiny object; the next super secret technique […]

It’s time again to pull back the veil and give a report on the previous month’s business ventures.  Having your own business is such a great feeling!  Even if you don’t want to quit your day job (I have not as I enjoy what I do during the daylight hours), its a great way to […]

Last month I embarked into the Pay Per Call market.  Up until about a year or so ago, I’d never even heard of pay per call.  Basically I stumbled upon this market when I received an email from a “guru” who espoused the virtues and profitability of this new advertising medium.  I’m not gonna mention […]

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