Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Disclaimer ** I’m not actively doing this right now ** I’m writing this blog post to express to you guys a tactic that I employed back in February of this year to get some quick downloads to an offer I was promoting.  Now, before your eyes buckout really big, I’ll have to warn you the […]

So there have been a few questions that have been directed to me personally about how do I find so much traffic on adcenter mobile?   Common threads have been “there is no mobile traffic on adcenter, why are you wasting your time”, “ignore Adcenter’s mobile inventory, it does not convert”, and “I’ve given up trying […]

Its 16 days after the start of the month of August so you know that means.  It’s time to look back and reflect on the previous month and publish that month’s earnings report.  But before we go directly into the numbers, let’s analyze what were some of the major activities of the month. Google Adwords […]

Okay I like to use the word “HACK” to garner attention.  If you found yourself reading this then it worked :-).  A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I’m using a tool called “iMobiTrax” to track the carrier and handset information of clicks to my mobile campaigns.  As some of you may be aware, […]

So a few weeks ago, I embarked a small lead generation proof of concept test.  The purpose of this test was to see if email leads generated from a mobile source would indeed be responsive to a cpa offer that was emailed out to them on a follow-up email sequence.  Basically what I was doing […]

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