Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

So this month, I’ve been running a hog pog of dating, virus scanning, and ringtone offers in my affiliate business.  Since my app development business has been focused on the Google’s Android operating system, I’ve also focused all my cost per action (CPA) pay per click (PPC) efforts on the same platform.  Things have been […]

It 2 weeks into the month of May and its time to publish the April earnings report.  April was a learning month for me.  One of those months where you sit down and decide what what direction you would like to steer the ship, while at the same time trying to focus on the long […]

Awh, it’s good to be back from vacation.  Well, sorta.  For all who didn’t know, I’ve was on vacation in St. Lucia for the past 7 days.  While there, my wife and I both recharged, reconnected and refocused.  For anyone who does not make vacation’s a priority in their lives, I’m here to tell you […]

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